By Stephanie Winslow

Ascent to Hope

Non-fiction | Autobiography | Workbook

My journey to find hope and freedom in God’s grace.  My book shares the account of my struggle with my brother’s addication, recovery challenges, and addiction’s effects.  

The companion workbook works well for individual and small groups

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Stephanie Winslow

Story is the meat and potatoes of who we are.  Our hopes, dreams, ambitions, our bumps, bruises and failures.  All of it makes us unique and perfect, imitations of God.  Yet so often the truth of our story gets buried beneath the facade of who we believe we are to be by self imposed or others imposed judgments.  

By sharing my story of my struggles dealing with my brother’s addictions and how I moved from despair to hope, my prayer is to encourage other women and men to share their stories as well.  If my story helps one person gain courage to fill the shoes God created for them to fill, then my mission on this earth is accomplished.  

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Ascent to Know Him

The Quest to Discover More of God

This 8-week daily personal devotional will provide the foundational framework for building a personal relationship with Jesus. At the end of the eight weeks, readers will have had the opportunity to develop lasting patterns that will lead to a love for daily intentional private and intimate quiet time with God.

From the Shop Floor to the Board Room

Wisdom to Transform Everyday Business

An 8-week daily devotional to encourage and equip business leaders with a renewed mind and purpose. Blending leadership insight with Scripture, this book challenges marketplace leaders to re-evaluate and elevate their business game in accordance with Biblical truths


This book will share the truth of the despair with you and the truth that Faith in Christ can set you free, even if you are captive to an addiction. 

William Daniel Curnutt

Retired Police Chaplain

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JANUARY 8, 2020

St. Louis, Missouri

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Ascent to Hope – for Ministry Leaders

JANUARY 21, 202O

St. Louis, Missouri

The Rock Church

10 Steps Toward Hope

FEBRUARY 22, 2020

Pittsburgh, Pensylvania

CCO’s Jubilee 2020 Conference

Faith @ Work for College Students

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