The prophet Elisha was summoned to the home of a widow. When he arrived he learned of her tragedy of losing her husband and all of the debts that had piled up that she needed to pay. She was at risk of losing her sons to slavery, if she could not pay her debts. Elisha calmly asked her what she had in her house, to which she replied, “Nothing, except a small jar of oil.” (II Kings 4)

The story continues and Elisha tells the widow to collect empty jars from her neighbors. She sent her sons to collect the jars. Then he told her to begin pouring the oil from her small jar of oil, behind closed doors.

The oil did not stop flowing until the last jar was filled. Then it stopped.

The widow was able to sell the oil to pay off the debts, and live the remainder of her days on the earnings.

As I read this story this week, God spoke to my heart about the limitations I put on my faith. I believe Him to a point that is comfortable, and then when He asks me to have faith beyond my small jar of oil, I tend to retract into disbelief. I imagine that it’s possible for God to do miracles in the lives of others but not in mine, you see, because all I have to offer is a little insignificant jar of oil.

God is teaching me through this that it is not the size of the jar of the oil, but my willingness to use what I have and trust my supplier. He is the source of my oil, and he asks me, and you, to have the courage to pour out the oil (all that I have, as insignificant and small as it seems) and allow myself to experience His continual supply of grace poured out on my life.

He wants to show His grace, the continual refilling of His blessings, resources, answers to prayers, etc, etc, poured out on my life, so I can be a blessing to those around us. He wants to use us for the benefit of others.

He wants us to give of ourselves to those around us, so He can be our continual source and supply, and we can reflect our source, our supplier. 1 Corinthians 12:7 (NKJV) says, “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all.”

Let’s pour out what we have into the empty jars around us, and trust that our supply will be replenished by our gracious Father.

Let it flow.

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