Stop. Pause for a moment. Take a breath. If you are reading this article, chances are you are seeking something. Perhaps you need encouragement, direction, hope or conviction. Perhaps you seek a better or deeper understanding of God and His Son Jesus.

I do hope, no matter what it is you seek, or who it is you seek that the Holy Spirit guides you to uncover a piece of your puzzle today as you read this article.

If you are like me, you have spent a lifetime acquiring – skills, knowledge, talent, wisdom, connections, relationships and possessions. And while these may be good to pursue, they will always leave us longing for more. They will always leave us with the FOMO (fear if missing out). The fear of “if only” statements. If only I had… If only I did… If only I was…” You fill in the blank.

I asked you to pause and breathe earlier because I have something important to tell you.


You, as you were created, with your natural abilities and talents, your wit and wisdom, your passions and heartaches. Every part of you – just you – not your achievements – is the answer.

You may think, “okay Stephanie, ‘I am the answer’, sounds blissfully cerebral, but what am I the answer to? What’s the question to which I am the answer?”

Well, I am glad you asked!

The question to the answer, “You are the answer”, is “From whom will relief and deliverance come?”

That’s right. YOU.

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14 NIV)

These words, spoken by Mordecai to Esther in a pivotal moment for the Jewish people, helped to mobilize her, embolden her. These words helped her recognize that she was THE ANSWER. For such a time as that, Esther was elevated in favor and position. Even in her position, she had a choice to make. She could be the one to take a stand and speak up for her people – even if it cost her life. Or she could look around, be complacent in the comfort of her position and favor and wait. She could’ve waited for someone else to be the answer. She could’ve chosen to not speak up.

Mordecai exhibited amazing faith when he spoke these words because he knew one way, or another God was going to come through for His people. Mordecai knew, no matter what, God would rescue his people. His faith in God to move and work was not in question. His faith in God allowed him to see the perfect position Esther was in and the potential for God to use her.

Ester’s position allowed her to have an audience with the king. BUT she would have never been elevated to that position had God’s favor not been on her. Her character was such that she was esteemed by the king. Her character, not her position, impacted her message and caused the mountain of devastation facing her people to be moved. Her heart, her inner beauty and her gentleness paved the way for her words to carry enough weight to be heard by a king.

The challenges we face today from abortion to addiction, from sex trafficking to poverty, are not small challenges. As Esther faced the annihilation of her people, we too face annihilation of people in our country because of these sorrowful challenges.

I already gave you the answer. But I will ask the question again.

“From whom will relief and deliverance come?”

Maybe it’s time we stop looking over our shoulders for someone else to be the solution. Maybe it is time we recognize our position, and with good character, as Esther demonstrated, take a stand, and use our voices to make an impact for God’s kingdom.

Maybe it’s time we recognize, we are the answer.

True enough, God will send relief and deliverance from somewhere and through someone. Will that someone be you? And will that someplace be right where you are planted?

I pray that as you go about your day that you ask God to reveal to you where and with whom he wants to mobilize you to be his hands and feet. For whom will you be the vessel of relief and deliverance?

If you are encouraged by this article, please share it! If you had an “aha” moment I would be delighted to hear about it and pray with you. Leave comments or send me a private message or email. Blessings to you Hope Seeker.

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