Kindling for the Fire of Change

The dawning of the fall season is upon us. With fall comes fire. If we are honest for a moment, we all know that guy who thinks he is a great fire starter. You know, I am talking about that guy who walks through his 25-step process to get a roaring fire. And then he...

If It Ain’t Broke

Customer expectations are ever changing in today’s culture. Constant access to instant and new information, ideas and methods creates a challenge for businesses who gallantly strive to meet customer needs. The adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” does not apply to...

Hiring for the Short-term

Hiring for the short term is a trap business leaders can easily fall into. Faced with a human capital emergency, a need for bodies in position, the task of hiring becomes a fire drill. Hiring for the short term is ineffective for long term company growth. Proverbs...

High Hanging Fruit

A standard strategy meetings tactic is to focus the team toward tackling the “low hanging fruit”, the quick wins instead of the larger, more difficult challenges. An article by The Balanced Career warns, “true rewards often come from climbing higher and...

Great Expectations

A recent article by the Center for Creative Leadership defines effective communication in five simple steps: communicate relentlessly, simplify and be direct, listen and encourage input, illustrate through stories and finally affirm with action. In the absence of...

The Benefits of Communication

The Center for Creative Leadership conducted a seminar discussing the importance of effective communication within the workplace. During this seminar the instructor listed five key steps to building communication skills. Communicate relentlessly.Simplify and be...

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