Faith at Work

Did you know God cares about your work and your career? Did you know he wants to use you through the work you do?

God cares about your work because he cares about you! You were perfectly designed and made for a purpose that only you can fulfill on this earth. God desires for the work you do to bring glory and honor to him in the same way that say a prayer does or helping a neighbor. In fact, your work is ministry and your work is a demonstration of the character of God to the world around you. When you are feeling overwhelmed by the rat race of business, take a step back and refocus by remembering you were appointed by God to the position you hold. The question now becomes, what will you do with this call and position? How will you allow God’s presence to be made manifest in your work life?

I tried to live my life with faith and work separate, and the more I tried to live that way, the more I felt like an impostor. I did not feel like I could bring my “whole self” into a staff meeting, or budget review or strategy session. Now I can see my faith and my work not only co-exist, I really cannot be the best boss, co-worker, staff person if I leave my faith in the parking lot. My faith affects everything. If you struggle to see this, I pray that these blogs will illuminate to you the great opportunity God is presenting to you to take your faith to work.

The Sun Rises in the East

The sun rise is a daily reminder of the fundamental and undeniable rhythm of God’s presence on the earth. The sun rise is the guiding light, the leading light that makes vision possible. In sun rise in business is the vision statement. The vision statement for a...

Success is Spelled Succession

A 2017 survey by the Family Enterprise USA noted that 32% of family business do not have a succession plan in place and have yet to hand their business off to the next generation.  Psalm 78:5&6 says, “He gave laws to the people of Israel and commandments to...

Silo to Collaboration

How do you break down departmental silos to collaboration? How do you improve cross-functional communication? Picture this. It’s Monday morning. You check the clock, its about five minutes until the weekly staff meeting. And you realize not much has happened this last...

Shiny Objects

Forbes magazine published an article about the dangers of “shiny object syndrome” Chasing after the shiny objects can lead to business challenges that clutter and distract from the mission of the business. New technology, new training systems, new opportunities or...


A recent article from the Small Business Chronicles states, “cash scarcity is common for small businesses.” Due to capital expenditures, supply chain disruptions, competitive labor costs, and more keep cash flow in many cases pressed thin. When things get tight, there...

North is Always Up

The dawning of the fall season is upon us. With fall comes fire. If we are honest for a moment, we all know that guy who thinks he is a great fire starter. You know, I am talking about that guy who walks through his 25-step process to get a roaring fire. And then he...

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