By Stephanie Winslow

From the Shop Floor to the Board Room


Wisdom to Transform Everyday Business

An 8-week daily devotional to encourage and equip business leaders with a renewed mind and purpose. Blending leadership insight with Scripture, this book challenges marketplace leaders to re-evaluate and elevate their business game in accordance with Biblical truths. 

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Stephanie Winslow

My business teeth were cut working multiple positions in our family business. I work alongside of my parents, my brother and many more family members. My business career has spanned from Marketing and Sales to Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement. Each seat I sat in was a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Faith works the same way, every encounter we have are opportunities to learn, grow and strengthen our faith muscles. I have discovered God cares about business because he cares about me. Once I understood that it became a lot easier for me to be authentically me within my work environment and allowed me to bring my whole self, including my faith to work.

I write about Faith and Work because I believe it is time to debunk the myth that faith and work do not go together. In fact, I have seen over and over the benefits and blessings when men and women alike have integrated their faith into their work. I offer tool, resources and devotionals to help readers think through what it could look like to take their faith to work.

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Ascent to Hope

The Rugged Climb From Fear to Faith

A woman’s inspiring journey to find hope and freedom in God’s grace, this book depicts the painful path many of us travel dealing with a loved one’s addiction and its affects on family life and relationships. A gripping account of her struggle, recovery’s challenges, and addiction’s effects.

Ascent to Hope: Map to Freedom

Your Guide to Find Hope in the Face of Challenge

Companion volume to Ascent to Hope, this handbook is a dual-purpose tool created for small group discussion and individual study as a platform for discipleship that will heal hearts, transform fears to faith, rekindle joy, restore broken lives and engage hope.

Ascent to Know Him

The Quest to Discover More of God

This 8-week daily personal devotional will provide the foundational framework for building a personal relationship with Jesus. At the end of the eight weeks, readers will have had the opportunity to develop lasting patterns that will lead to a love for daily intentional private and intimate quiet time with God.


Real-life business application through inspirational one-page daily devotionals. Liberates business leaders by giving them permission to lead by faith.on. 

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JANUARY 8, 2020

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Ascent to Hope – for Ministry Leaders

JANUARY 21, 2020

St. Louis, Missouri

The Rock Church

10 Steps Toward Hope

FEBRUARY 22, 2020

Pittsburgh, Pensylvania

CCO’s Jubilee 2020 Conference

Faith @ Work for College Students

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The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain Resource share: A collection of writings edited by Nancy Guthrie, Be Still, My Soul Pain is an inevitable part of life. It is an intrinsic part of humanness. And it is unavoidable and inescapable. And to state the obvious, pain hurts. But is pain...

Is Happiness Possible?

Is Happiness Possible?

Is Happiness Possible? Lessons learned from The Perfect Loss.   Happiness is something we all seek. It’s something we pursue after on a daily basis. It is an innate search that exists within our humanness. The question I believe we want to know is how we get...

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