Are you struggling to walk in obedience, to answer the call God has put on your life or to live out your faith in a meaningful way? These blogs are for you!

If you find yourself, like me, tossed like the waves of the sea, believing yet not believing that God has set you apart and called you, these blogs on obedience are for you! Obedience beckons us to walk the steppingstones of discipline even when we cannot see results or even when we do not feel like it. Obedience leads us to step into our calling before we have “proof” or even when our faith has waned. Obedience is the foundation of living a faithful life in Christ. Join me on the journey as I unpack what God is teaching me about obedience and the desperate need for in our daily lives.

Put Me in the Game!

Put Me in the Game!

Anxious you sit on the sidelines of the game of life.Waiting for your name to be called, to step onto the field. Will you jump ahead of God? Will you wait on him to call you?

Are You Foundation Strong?

Are You Foundation Strong?

Are you foundation strong? Are you made of the substance that Jesus can use to build upon to advance his kingdom work? You would be surprised what and who he can and will use to advance his mission on this earth. Check it out.

I’m OVER Overwhelmed

I’m OVER Overwhelmed

Are you OVER being overwhelmed by all that is not going right? Overwhelmed by the trials and struggles you are facing? SURRENDER and let God be God over every situation and every circumstance.

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