Do you know who you are? Do you know your role? Knowing these two things is the critical start of living and thriving in godly relationships

I believe that God calls us to live in community. Within community and within the parameters of relationships our faith is worked out and grows. Relationships are the testing ground for all that we profess to believe with our mouths. Love, friendship, strained relationships each put into motion the opportunity to work out our faith in a way that is impossible should we chose to live in isolation. The blogs articles will lead you to think deeply about how you show up in relationships, how your faith is put on display through relationships and how God uses relationships to display his glory.

Remarkable Masked Resilience

Remarkable Masked Resilience

Did you think we would still be wearing masks? I sure didn’t! And yet, here we are in our masks! Luckily there are some cute ones! But these kids, who are back in school wearing masks day in and day out, they are my inspiration!

Inexpressible Joy & A Broken Foot

Inexpressible Joy & A Broken Foot

Life throws us curves, like a broken foot for a active and energetic kid. But it is what we make of them, and how we see them that matters. God can be found in all things. And joy can be found in all things. We just have to be willing to slow down long enough to find joy and find God amid the brokenness.

3 Reasons Why I Gave Up Drinking

3 Reasons Why I Gave Up Drinking

I gave up drinking. Not because of a religious mandate or guilt. Not because someone told me I should. I didn’t have to. It was a choice. A choice I made to honor God and honor those who are walking through addiction.

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