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Create a Legacy of Significance, Impact & Abundance

Download Your Legacy Prayer Cards

Leave a lasting legacy with these inspirational prayer cards. This set of 6 cards contains prayers focused on building a relational, moral, spiritual, and financial legacy, as well as prayers for generational blessings. Start crafting the legacy you want to leave with these thoughtful prayers to guide your heart and mind.

Meet Stephanie

Leadership & Legacy Coach

Wall Private Wealth Family Legacy Director

When you work with Stephanie, you will be guided step by step to live out your values, grow in leadership and create a legacy of significance, impact & abundance. Stephanie is a Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She is a DISC certified trainer. She is also an author, her first book, Ascent to Hope, was published in 2018.

Stephanie is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and holds a master’s degree from Geneva College. Stephanie is certified in Lean and Six Sigma. She spent much of her career in the family business, a human food and pet food packaging company, where she led Strategic Planning, Education & Training and Continuous Improvement initiatives. Read More

Each generation will reap what the former generation has sown. Build something that will outlive you.

Why Build a Legacy?

5 Reasons Every Business Owner Should Focus On Building Generational Wealth and A Family Legacy

Focusing on generational wealth and building a legacy is crucial for business owners as it ensures sustained prosperity for future generations, preserves family values, inspires successors, creates a positive impact on society, and fosters long-term stability and strategic planning.

Sustained Prosperity Across Generations: Focusing on generational wealth and building a legacy ensures that the business’s success and financial well-being extend beyond the current generation. By creating a lasting impact, business owners can provide financial security and prosperity to their descendants, enabling them to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and dedication.


Preservation of Family Values and Culture: A legacy represents more than just financial assets; it encompasses the values, principles, and traditions that define a family’s identity. By building a legacy, business owners ensure that their family’s core values and culture endure, strengthening the bond among family members and instilling a sense of pride and belonging.


Inspiring Future Generations: A well-crafted legacy serves as an inspiration for future generations. By witnessing the accomplishments and values embodied in the family’s legacy, descendants are motivated to carry on the entrepreneurial spirit, creating a legacy of their own and contributing positively to society.

Positive Impact on Society: A focus on generational wealth and legacy-building often involves philanthropy and community impact initiatives. By giving back to society and making a positive difference in the community, business owners leave behind a legacy of compassion and social responsibility, making the world a better place for future generations.

Long-Term Vision and Stability: Building a legacy encourages business owners to adopt a long-term perspective in their decisions and actions. A focus on generational wealth fosters stability and strategic planning, allowing the business to weather economic fluctuations and challenges, ensuring its continuity and growth across generations.

Growing Prosperous Families

In the pursuit of success and prosperity, every business owner envisions leaving behind a profound legacy—a timeless imprint that transcends generations. This legacy-building process entails more than just accumulating wealth; it involves weaving together the threads of family values, entrepreneurial spirit, and societal impact to create a tapestry of generational wealth.

Utilize my experience and expertise to cultivate a prosperous family from the foundation up following these five steps.

Legacy Moments

A rich series of short video clips to inspire, inform and ignite your dream of building a legacy of success and significance for generations to come.