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Ascent to Hope: The Rugged Climb from Fear to Faith

Has fear overtaken your mind and heart because you are captivated by the “what if” scenarios and questions? Whether you are facing a loved one addiction, illness, broken relationships or any heartache, Ascent to Hope is the book for you. You will leave knowing that you are not alone and that you have the choice to live in the “what if” or live in the “even if”, trusting that God will provide, heal, deliver, restore and so much more.

Stephanie Winslow writes a first hand account of her struggle with a family member and with God over an issue of alcoholism and the effects it had on her family. If you have ever had a family member who struggles with a habit that gets out of control and is harmful to them then you want to read this short but hopeful book.
William D. Curnutt

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Ascent to Hope Workbook: Map to Freedom

Website Copy: Are you wanting to take the journey from fear to faith with a group? There is much to be learned in a group discussion that Ascent to Hope: Map to Freedom can help you facilitate.

Stephanie Winslow is transparent as she describes her personal journey as the sister of her sibling who struggles with addiction. Stephanie delivers the wide range of emotions that she and other family members have experienced on this journey, how all areas of her life have been effected, and how God has shown himself faithful all along the way.
Terri Roche

Ascent to Know Him

Do you want to know God at a deeper level? Do you want to know more about God’s character? “Ascent to Know Him: The Quest to Discover More of God” is an eight-week Christian devotional by author Stephanie Winslow that helps you grow deeper faith roots. This captivating attributes of God devotional coaches the hearts of believers how to know God personally and more intimately. It is a compelling study that highlights the true meaning of these attributes in the Greek and Hebrew.

Many believers are curious how to know God deeper. “Ascent to Know Him” is the answer! It is a training ground of sorts, to draw believers into God’s presence. This daily Bible devotional will create a foundation for growth. Walking through this daily devotional will develop a love of Scripture. “Ascent to Know Him” will guide the reader through Christian devotional prayers and cultivate a hunger for more of God. More than a devotional, it is actually an interactive devotional journal that encourages encountering Scripture and God by reading, memorizing, journaling and praying.

SheWorks4Him: Embrace Your Calling as a Christian Woman at Work

Do you ever question your purpose, feel unsure about your abilities, or get frustrated by your experiences as a Christian woman in the workplace?

You aren’t alone. We believe that God has a call on your life right where you’re at, and you can embrace it!

sheWorks4Him: Embrace Your Calling as a Christian Woman at Work is a guide to vibrantly living out your faith at work. Inside, you will find inspiring, true stories from women just like you, who share practical steps and resources to help you activate your work as your mission field.

Written to celebrate, validate, encourage, and equip you, sheWorks4Him specifically addresses the diverse experiences and challenges women today face in the workforce.

Learn how to impact the Kingdom daily and embrace your calling.

Surrendered: Yielded with Purpose

This book is an Amazon best seller and is compiled of testimonies of women who have surrendered their lives to God. Stephanie is one of the authors in this book who write about their personal journey with God and the crossroad of her life where she made a choice to step into the calling God put on her life. You will be encouraged for the season in your life where you may be asked to let go of the comfortable and trust God with the unknown.

If you are a Christian woman that felt a calling to work…this book is a great resource to read other women’s stories on how they manage it and walk with Christ while doing it! Let go of the guilt and embrace being called to be a working mom!
Cara Willems

Joy Unspeakable: Regardless of Your Circumstances

How can you have joy when it seems like the wheels are coming off at every turn, and you’re holding on for dear life? There’s good news! You can be unhappy, even devastated, and still have Joy Unspeakable, Regardless of Your Circumstances! Yes, joy and sorrow can dance together during adversity. That’s because true joy comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The authors of this book have suffered heart-wrenching tragedies and tribulations that everyone can relate to. Still, they celebrate that the Lord is their shield, refuge, strength, peace, hope, and JOY—despite the storms of life—because God has given us the final victory and bestowed upon us undefeatable joy.

Joy Unspeakable: Regardless of Your Circumstances presents expository teaching coupled with individual stories that testify to the joy of the Lord and the strength He provides amid trials and heartaches. The words in this book will encourage, inspire, motivate, and give you hope, joy, and peace as God unleashes His Joy Unspeakable into your life, regardless of your circumstances.

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Cup of Hope Podcast

Cup of Hope is podcast that was born from a desperate place. God called Stephanie to begin Cup of Hope in the months following her brother’s passing and her mom’s cancer diagnosis. It was a time when Stephanie felt like there were only glimmers of hope, but God asked her to press in and share hope with people. Stephanie delivers hope through sharing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Click to LISTEN or SUPPORT...

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