My life was on a path. I had a clear and predictable life plan. I like plans. I like knowing where I am headed. And I like being in control. I don’t know if you can relate to any or all of these statements or not, but I trust you can on some level. And I trust that at some point in your life you felt the comfort of believing you know what is coming next. There is comfort in knowing what’s ahead and comfort knowing you are “equipped” and ready for what is on your predetermined path.

But what happens to comfort when life doesn’t go the way we thought it would. What happens to us when the unexpected presents itself and intersects life in an unforeseen way?

A change of trajectory.

Three years ago God invaded my life. I had been praying for him to “show up and help me” get out of the mediocre faith I was living. I was desperate for change. I was hungry for a transformation because my “comfort” had let me down.

Three years ago I was living out my dream. President of a company. Working hard. Working many hours. But even though my career was on pace with my dreams, my insides were parched. My soul was dry. I felt empty and numb. I was hungry and thirsty for more of Jesus. I was desperate for something greater than just working for the sake of making money and to earn a title, prestige and notoriety.

I prayed “God, I don’t want to work just for the sake of working. I want to work for you God. I want to work for lasting, eternal, kingdom impact.” He heard the cry of my heart and came to me in a way I never expected.

God called me out of business and into writing & speaking. He called me to be a voice of transformation. He called me to help others break free from “comfortable” and step into living full and abundant lives focused on Christ. He called me to bring hope to the hopeless.

My trajectory change has been compiled from a series of “yes’s”. Daily. Daily saying “yes” to God’s plan for me. In the last couple of weeks there has been a clarification process of sorts on my path. Tweaks made to the trajectory. I was confronted with the reality of my double-mindedness. I was still trying to keep my toe in my old life. I was still trying to find my comfort in my skills, my abilities, and my knowledge. I was circling back to my safe place when I was challenged to take the next step, farther away from my comfort.

Jeremiah 2:36 (CSB) says, “how unstable you are constantly changing your ways.” And the CJB version says it even more poignantly, “you cheapen yourself when you change your course so often.”

God brought this verse to my attention this morning. And I thought, “Wow, the impact of ministry has been profoundly impacted because I have been too afraid to step in with both feet!” This verse is a reminder of how quick I am to bounce to and fro, from my path to God’s path, from playing it safe to living the life I am called to.

I see it so clearly now, the messages God has called me to proclaim will get watered down if I make the choice to waver in my commitment to writing and speaking. The impact I can make is “cheapened” as the verse says. Trust me. Writing and speaking is not where I am confident. This is not the path I had laid out for myself – but this is me responding to where I believe God is calling me. This is me, stepping out and into faith. Writing this blog keeps me accountable to live the life and write the words He gives me. This is me being faithful to God.

Getting to this place took saying “Yes” to a major trajectory change three years ago. But getting to this place also take saying yes every day, several times a day. I mean saying “yes” to write even when I felt like no one is reading. It means saying “yes” even when I feel like no one cares or like I am not making a difference. It means saying “yes”, even when I cannot see or I don’t understand what he is doing in and through me or why.

The question I have for you today is, what trajectory change do you need to say “yes” to? What has God been prompting in your spirit? Maybe it is to say “yes” to waking up 30 minutes early to spend time with God. Maybe saying “yes” means leaving work at work in order to spend more time with your family. Maybe it means saying “yes” to a complete trajectory change, and trusting that God will not let you fall. Whatever it is, saying “yes” to God is the best choice you will ever make.

What will you say “yes” to today?

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