Interference in the game of volleyball can be a welcome disruption. When the game is close, or tied neck to neck, fierce emotions for the win wield inside of each player on the court and on the sidelines. The interference provides space for each team to take a breather and re-focus.

At times an interference can cause a team or individual players to get too distracted to get their minds back in the game. Interference usually breaks up the pressure, one team rises above it and the other team crumbles beneath it. Interference disrupts the flow of the game.

In life, we also are subject to interference in our plans, dreams and ideas. Interference can be forced upon us or we can be open to it. How many times have we faced an interference in life, re-focus for a time and do life over the same old way? No real change to our life patterns.

An interference creates the space to re-evaluate. To take a breath from the way we have been doing life. To re-focus and re-set the flow of the game. It allows us the opportunity to give God back control over our lives instead of playing the game rogue.

This intervention of sorts in our lives opens the door to new possibilities, a chance for a fresh start, with greater knowledge and wisdom. When we step back to the line to serve the ball, we have gained clarity and insight on where to place the serve. We know the weak spots and the holes on the other side of the net because we get to see them for a second time with better vision.

Interference in our lives offers a do over, a methodical shift in thinking to walk down the path, to get back in the game but with a new strategy for completing the very next serve.

“So you must be brave. Don’t give up! God will honor you for obeying Him.” (2 Chronicles 15:7 CEV)

We must be brave, as the scripture says, and not give up after there has been an interference in the game. We embrace the chance for a do over. We step back to the line to serve with heightened awareness and hunger for the win.

What one area of your life do you need an interference and a do over? In the past, what have you experienced from playing the game by your own rules? What GOOD has God brought out of those hard times of your life?

Even on our worst days & with our poorest choices – if we choose to be surrendered to God – good will always come from those missed hits, serves we sent out of bounds, and digs we didn’t reach. No that is not a license to make bad choices, it’s the recognition of how faithful, generous and good our God is and how great His love is for us.