What does it mean to be meek? Does it mean weakness? Or lack of strength? In the eyes of our modern world, absolutely. Meekness is synonymous with fragility and powerlessness. But just because that is the way our world defines it does not make it true or right. Instead, if we fix our eyes on the truth of God’s word, that is active, alive and relevant even today, we understand that meekness is not weakness at all.

In fact, meekness is a higher form of strength because it is exercising complete trust in God. It is not the loss of power, but forgoing the focus on our perceived power. It is the recognition that there is more at stake than what we can see or understand. It is the ability to submit to God’s ways and plans, rather than defend our position and desires.

Meekness can play out in several ways in our daily lives. It is biting our tongues when we would rather speak. It is letting someone have the right of way when in a hurry and we would rather go first. It is exhibiting peace and calmness when everyone around us lives in chaos. It is choosing to take a request before our Heavenly Father when we would rather enact a our own plan.

We are in a constant state of busyness. We cannot fathom the idea of stopping and waiting. It feels unproductive, and a waste of time. Therefore, we tend to walk through this life with a ready, fire, aim approach. Then we wonder why this or that did not quite pan out how we thought it would. Well, to be blunt, we think we know more than we do. We take greater stock in our own wisdom, than the wisdom of God.

Psalm 131, is a psalm of David that paints a beautiful picture for us of what meekness looks like. This passage has been stirring in my heart over the past few weeks. After last’s weeks blog, The Waiting Room, I spoke with so many of you who are in seasons of waiting. Knowing that, I had to share these verses. I pray as your read this passage, God pours out His peace and equips you with meekness to quietly trust and rest in Him.

The psalm reads:

“Lord, my heart is meek before you. I don’t consider myself better than others. I’m content to not pursue matters that are over my head – such as your complex mysteries and wonders-that I’m not yet ready to understand.

I am humbled and quieted in your presence. Like a contented child who rests on it’s mother’s lap, I’m your resting child and my soul is content in you.

O people of God, your time has come to quietly trust, waiting upon the Lord now and forever.” (Psalm 131:1-3, TPT)

The warmth, the gentleness, the care and concern of our Father is evident in these words from David in Psalm 131. Have you allowed God to love you like this? When was the last time you were in His presence but said nothing, just listened? When was the last time you weren’t concerned with understanding the “why”and trusted God to work the matter out?

I encourage you as you go about your day today, find space to rest in Him. Have the courage to sit before Him with no agenda, and with no noise. Let your mind rest. Let your spirit rest. Let your heart rest. And let God comfort you as a mother with her child. It is in our resting that meekness blooms.