Check. Check. Is this thing on? Check. Check.

Shakespeare penned, “All the world’s a stage…and one man in his time plays many parts.” We each have roles to play. Parts that only we can perform. We are molded into these roles through open doors and shut ones, through circumstances and mentors. When we arise in the morning to face the world’s stage before us what are we to bring to the table? When we have the mic in hand what do we share?

We exist in a microcosm of the world at large. It is within this microcosm we find our stage. Not that we are to “act” our way through life and hide our true selves. No, on this stage we are to live openly and honestly. Our neighbors, friends, family, and even the strangers we bump into are the audience to our lives.

Standing on stage. Bright spot light beaming down. Sound check complete. The mic is hot. The attention of the world’s stage is on us, and now what? What do we have to say and who do we represent?

I believe God wants us to share what He has done for us, in us, and through us. He wants our lives to be the display of His goodness for those around us who are lost without their Shepherd.

Psalm 119:111 says, “Your testimonies I have taken as a heritage forever, For they are the rejoicing of my heart.”

And Psalm 119:24 reads, “Your testimonies also are my delight and my counselors.”

A testimony is a declaration, a verbal public profession of FACTS. Our lives, our words are to speak the testimony of who God is and what He has done for us. Our testimonies are our story. Our story brings God to life for people around us. They put flesh on a God we cannot see with our natural eyes. Testimonies are a gateway to faith and believing for many.

These verses from the Psalms drew my attention because I have seen my own faith grow when other believers have shared their story, even when it felt uncomfortable. I have no doubt God desires we all point the way to Him by way of our story, by way of our testimony of Him.

The testimonies of our lives amplify the tangible work God still does today. Whether you believe it or not, or own up to it or not, you are on a stage. Maybe you do not feel the courage yet to tell your story. Maybe you feel ashamed or embarrassed of mistakes you have made. I get it. Believe me! BUT there is a world that is looking for hope. Maybe your story is just what someone needs to find the true, lasting hope of Christ.

The mics on. What does your life testimony reveal about the goodness of God?