Waiting. Waiting well requires patience that often times escapes me. Whether it’s waiting for the stop light to change so I can get to work on time, or waiting on God for a miracle, my patience tank can run on EMPTY!

In my desire for an answer now, or to see movement with a business venture I end up making a lot of mistakes. Mistakes that could have been prevented, had I only had the discipline to wait on God’s timing.

1 Corinthians 13:4a (GW) says, “Love is patient.” Other translations describe patience as the ability to,”suffer long.”

Suffering long means that our love is willing to endure the wait. It means to place the hopeless situation into the hands of our Almighty God and let it go. It means we are okay with NOT being in control! Through suffering long we die to self.

Countless times in my life I have believed I am moving in a direction that God has for me. But I get hurried and harried, trying to fulfill God’s plan for me my way. This pattern of life feels like a jerky wooden roller coaster ride. Screeching halts and pedal to the metal starts. Over and over again.

And countless times, when I have come to the end of myself, tired of trying to make the plan happen my way, I surrender. I surrender to His love and to His patience for me. I fall on my knees and give Him the love He deserves. I relinquish control and agree to wait on Him. Sure enough, right around the corner, when I least expect it, there it is. Movement. A miracle. A blessing. Exactly what I need to keep trusting He knows what’s best for me.

My journey with God has been a bit of a dance. I take the lead, and well…if you have seen me dance, you know I shouldn’t be the one leading. In the dance of life it progresses best when I submit to His lead and dance to the rhythm of the song He sings over me.

Maybe the waiting room you find yourself in today is the anticipation of a doctor’s diagnosis, or the announcement of a verdict, or the yearning for a loved one to return to Christ. I encourage you today. Be patient. Demonstrate your love for God by waiting for Him to show up in His unexpected and awesome ways.

As your reflect to, ask yourself these questions, have you placed yourself in control, or have you totally lost all hope? Do you believe God can and will show up in the situation you face? Are you willing to wait, as hard as it is, on God to move? Will you consider surrender in patience to His timing?

It is in love we find patience. In patience we find peace. In peace we find hope. Trust and have patience with Him and He will show up for you.