The heart contains within it a throne, figuratively speaking. This throne is the resting place for what rules the heart, and therefore what rules our lives. The throne is central control for decisions, actions and reactions. Even thoughts begin first in the heart. Upon the throne sits whatever is given the power the to rule.


Emotions find they are a welcome resident in the heart. And while they can act as a guidepost or an indicator for us, they are not meant to RULE. Emotions, if they take the throne and are crowned governor of our lives can leave a path of wreckage behind. The consequences of emotions sitting on the throne of our hearts can be detrimental to relationships, and to our own health.

How we feel about things is just that, a feeling. It is not truth. How many poor decisions have been made throughout history because decisions were made on emotion? The wrong relationship because we FELT attraction, a harmful choice because we FELT excitement and fun, a degree earned because we wanted to FEEL qualified or enough.

When feelings and emotions are on the throne our heart, we are not protected because they do not have our best intentions in mind, they only watch out for themselves, to prove themselves right.

Proverbs 4:23 (CJB) says, “Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life’s consequences.”

Guard your heart, the Bible tells us. It is the source of life. How then do we protect our heart? Our best protection is by controlling what we allow to govern our heart.

What or who sits on the throne of your heart? Is it emotions? Do your emotions guide you and fuel your life? Or is it is something else? Is it someone else? What are you allowing to rule you?

Will you consider dethroning what has control, and give the authority of your heart over to your creator God, who has only the best plans in mind for you?

To take it a step farther, are you willing to allow Him to stay seated on the throne of your heart, even when the places He guides you to don’t make sense & do not feel like the BEST?