Live by Faith: Give Him Glory


Do you ever stop? Do you ever stop and take a look around you? Do you ever stop, take a look around you and notice? Do you see the intricate details of a flower? The silly giggles of a child? The plating of fresh food? The majestic shine of the stars in the sky? The creative patterns of a snowflake?


This is our everyday. Everyday we see beauty. Everyday we see God.


God is in every flower, every giggle, every plate of food, star and snowflake. God is all around. He gives us the beauty and wonder of creation so that we can know him. 


Stop. Look around you? What do you see? What is around you today? Allow your eyes to take in the beauty around you.


Walking by faith is walking without sight. It’s walking, one foot in front of the other without knowing how details will unfold, but trusting that God is in it all. 


Creation, and the beauty that surrounds us points to the glory of God. When we see and experience the artistry of creation it evokes a sense of wonder and helps us to understand our place in God’s world. It helps us to see God. 


Seeing is believing – so the proverbial ”they” say. In this case, the case of seeing the greatness of creation helps us believe in God, believe that He exists. And helps our faith to grow. Even when the evidence is right in front of us, there is still the need to accept it, to trust it, to embrace what is.


Although we CAN see the beauty we are surrounded by yet still we do not understand, not accept God as creator, not accept, acknowledge or give him glory. 


As I was reading and studying these verses in Romans 1:20-23, a question rose to the surface for me. And so, I ask you the same question. 


How often is the evidence of God right in front of us and because we want the answer to be different, deny what we see?


We walk by sight over walking by faith. Yet even when we have in plain sight the evidence, the eyes of our understanding, our faith, is not willing to accept what we see. So, we get unsettled and look for other answers.


Could it be that God, that Jesus, is the answer for all of life’s questions? Could it be that creation is evidence of his presence at work, even when we can’t see him at work in the situation at hand? 


I believe He is THE ANSWER. No matter what we go through, it all comes back to Jesus. It all comes back to walking by faith & not by sight. It all comes back to choosing faith, even when we cannot see. 


The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Roman church, says this of the Jews & Gentiles of the time, “For ever since the creation of the universe his invisible qualities — both his eternal power and his divine nature — have been clearly seen, because they can be understood from what he has made. Therefore, they have no excuse; because, although they know who God is, they do not glorify him as God or thank him. On the contrary, they have become futile in their thinking; and their undiscerning hearts have become darkened. Claiming to be wise, they have become fools!  In fact, they have exchanged the glory of the immortal God for mere images, like a mortal human being, or like birds, animals or reptiles.” (Romans 1:20-23)


As I read these verses, it gave me a pit in my stomach because it talks of those who know who God is, yet do not give him glory.  


It’s as if they want the answer to be different, like they aren’t satisfied with God being the answer – because they are relying on the wisdom of the day instead of the everlasting wisdom of God. 


How often does my thinking stray this way? I’m discontent with God’s answer so I try to manufacture my own solution that ends up causing more harm than good.


God’s wisdom, his presence, his counsel doesn’t waiver or change. God’s view of sin and right & wrong doesn’t change when our society wants God’s rules to change. His word is final. His words are irrefutable. And His existence is profoundly visible for all who will choose to accept the full beauty of God’s creation.


These verses from Romans talk of both the Jews and Gentiles “claiming to be wise”. One thing. People who know God recognize that the more they know him, the more they recognize how little they know about him, and how God’s wisdom is not even on the same measuring scale as human wisdom.


God’s ways & thoughts are higher and wiser than ours. (Isaiah 55:8-9) 


It seems as we read Paul’s words to the Romans that giving God the glory is a good starting point for keeping our minds set of God. Giving him glory for the things that we can see, like the beauty all around us. And as we do that we will recognize him more and more in our daily coming and going. 


When we give Him glory for what we can see, it helps grow our faith in him for the things we cannot see. And therefore our walking by faith & not by sight muscles are strengthened through the exercise of trusting him. 


God, I come before you today, and I ask for clarity. I ask that you would help us, your sons & daughters to see the areas of our lives where we are not living by faith, but by sight. Would you help us to exercise our faith muscles by trusting you with the things we can see, like creation. And Father will you help us to practice giving you Glory. When we see you handiwork may we give you glory. May we recognize today that we are your handiwork and give you glory for how you have made and designed us. May we give you glory for both the seen and unseen and trust that you are moving, working on our behalf, to bring us to a deeper relationship with you. In the precious name of Jesus I pray, amen.

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