My desk in my office faces the windows.  I look out the windows a lot and enjoy the view of our palm tree filled cul-de-sac. Every day, just before lunchtime I see a mom walking. Every day she walks the same path two times. The first time she walks is with her daughter, who looks to be about nine or ten. And then before too long I will see her pass by my window for a second time, this time she is with her son who looks to be seven or eight. 

The mom walks with her kids individually. What impresses me is that they hold hands, and walk at a slow, even pace. Their walking is not a hurried attempt to squish in needed exercise. Or an obligatory walk to “spend time together.” In fact, it feels the opposite of obligatory.

Each time I have seen the family pass by the mom has not been talking. But the son and the daughter have been smiling from ear to ear with their lively stories and the goings on in their minds and in their days. 

Without question, there is an impact being made on these kids as their mom has made consistent time and given consistent attention to what they want to talk about. 

As I’ve sat and watched this remarkable simplicity of life, yet a beautiful picture of what family could look like as it unfolded in front of me, God whispered to my heart, “it’s not about the walk.”

He spoke this to my heart as I was staring out the window, catching up on work and to do list items. And so of course I have to know more. “Well God, if it’s not about the walk, what is it about?”

“It’s about the relationship.” He gently spoke to my spirit.

As the days have passed by I have come to observe that it is indeed not about the walks. The walk is the means in which a solid relationship foundation is being cultivated and built. It is with an intentional pace, intentional holding hands and intentional conversation a bond that will last for years to come is budding. 

Before my eyes I see on display of what God has been telling me for years, and I have been too caught up in my own ideas of what “the walk should be about” than understanding it isn’t about the walk, but instead it’s about the relationship.

This mom, walking with her kids, is a reminder to me of how God is with his children. He walks with us, everyday. Listening to whatever it is we want to talk about. He holds our hands. He is not in a hurry. He helps us slow our pace to meet him. And God isn’t bothered that we tell him the same stories over and over again. He isn’t bothered that we are more concerned with ourselves than with him. 

He just soaks us in. He soaks in the relationship. He soaks in that we are choosing to spend time with him no matter how short or how long. It’s about our choice to be in relationship with him. 

The kids don’t even know to consider or think about is the fact that their mom chose them first. Just like our heavenly Father chose us first. She chose to make them a priority in her day. She initiated the effort and chose to spend time with each of her children. 

They don’t realize what their mom could have chosen to do – dishes, laundry, cleaning, lesson prep, etc. She could have made many other choices for how she would spend her time – day after day. 

But how priceless are those walks. How priceless is the time that we get to spend with God. It thrills the heart of God when we choose to spend time with him, because he loves us more than we can imagine. Not to mention, we desperately need him.

When was the last time you went on an unhurried “walk” with God? When was the last time you just walked with him and cried, laughed, shared from your heart all that you are worried about, excited about, confused about, troubled by and celebrated? 

 Just like the mom with her kids, when we chose to “go on a walk” with Jesus, it’s not about the walk, but it is about the relationship. It is about the relationship we can build with God. 

How can you develop a deeper relationship with God? Go on a daily walk with him. Let him hold your hand. Let him set your pace for the day. Let him be the place you share your heart. He loves being with you. 

Psalm 16:11 says, “You will show me the path of life, in your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Finding the path of life starts with being in the presence of the Almighty God. The fullness of joy, too, is found in the presence of God. Pleasures, yes, they are also found in the presence of God.

My challenge for you this week is to take a walk with God. Daily if possible. Create a new rhythm and a new routine. Allow God to work in your heart a new and fresh way, as you make daily time with him – being in his presence a priority. And remember, it’s not about the walk, it’s about the relationship.

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